Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck Dynasty; A slight business standpoint

I am so disappointed in reading so many peoples responses to the whole Duck Dynasty thing. The fact that I have to read things like, "What's wrong with what he said? It's the TRUTH!", "Homosexuals are wrong and should die", and other ignorant ideals such as those make me beyond sad.

The fact is, you don't know what is or isn't the truth. None of us do. This is why we have faith and hope and LOVE. Gay, straight, bi, transgender; we all are children of the same universe. The general principle should always be about supporting and loving each other.

Now, on the topic of what was said, the guy has every right to have an opinion, BUT as any company would do with any other hired/contracted employee, when you do not promote the BUSINESS in a professional manner, while keeping their image clean, THEY, the BUSINESS, have every right to suspend and or terminate such employee. Go ahead, try it at your job. Go ahead and say whats on your mind about any minority, or any person in a negative manner, see where it gets you. He is lucky that he was just suspended for such a public response while representing a BUSINESS and not removed completely!

By all means, you can easily respond by quoting misinterpreted scripture from Leviticus, 1 Corinthians and Romans, but I can easily do the same with some other everyday element that you should supposedly be put to death for.

Just love and be loved. It is the meaning of our very existence. We live for love; without love, life doesn't seem worth living. Live for love, people...Live for love.

~Rev. William Marcus McFarland III

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